My Experience Using this Water Filter

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Name: ZeroWater UK


ZeroWater UK

ZeroWater UK Review: My Experience Using this Water Filter

ZeroWater UK is a water filtration system that promises to remove virtually all dissolved solids and impurities from tap water. As someone who is concerned about the quality of the water I drink, I decided to give ZeroWater UK a try. Here’s what I found:

  1. The Unboxing: The product arrived in a well-packaged box, and I was pleased to find that it included a water testing meter.
  2. The Set-Up: Setting up the system was straightforward and easy. The instructions were clear and concise, and I had the system up and running in just a few minutes.
  3. The Filter: The filter is designed to last for several months before needing to be replaced, which is a convenient feature.
  4. The Taste: After filtering my tap water with ZeroWater UK, I noticed a significant improvement in the taste. The water tasted clean and fresh, without any chemical or metallic aftertaste.
  5. The Performance: I used the included water testing meter to measure the dissolved solids in my tap water before and after using ZeroWater UK. The difference was dramatic, with the filtered water measuring close to zero dissolved solids.
  6. The Convenience: With ZeroWater UK, I no longer need to buy bottled water, which is not only convenient but also better for the environment.
  7. The Verdict: Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience using ZeroWater UK. The system is easy to use, the filter lasts a long time, and the water tastes great. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective water filtration system, I highly recommend giving ZeroWater UK a try.

About ZeroWater UK

ZeroWater is the premier water filter on the market today removing 99.6% of all contaminants from your tap water, producing the purest tasting water. 

Not only does Zerowater remove twice as many contaminants in UK tap water than Brita, but we can also help save households a fortune when used instead of bottled water. When filling up a reusable bottle each 500ml of Zerowater filtered water costs 8p, compared to the UK average shop-bought bottled water of 45p (even more for premium brands). We are an easy sell, save money, save the environment by cutting plastic waste, and have great-tasting filtered water all in one amazing product.

  “It’s a Miracle!” remarks Phillip Schofield as the jug turns a glass of red wine into the purest tasting water, “I’m going to say GET IT… A better, and cheaper, environmentally friendly option than bottled water.”

ZeroWater USP’s

  • Water quality equivalent to purified bottled water
  • 5 stage filter ion exchange technology removes 99.6% all dissolved solids (contaminants)
  • FREE digital TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids) educating the user on water quality before and after filtration
  • Single use plastic reduction: 1 single filter saves up to 150 plastic bottles going to landfill
  • Cheaper than bottled water. If you drink bottled water, ZeroWater filters are better value

The ONLY water filtration device NSF Certified to remove Lead, Fluoride, Chromium and PFAS

ZeroWater is the only filter system independently certified by the global public health and safety organization NSF, to reduce micro plastics exceeding 3 microns in length and the “forever chemicals” PFOS/PFAS, Lead, Fluoride and Chromium by 95%!

Zero Water Dispensers

ZeroWater is the only filter system independently certified by the global public health and safety organization NSF, to reduce micro plastics exceeding 3 microns in length and the “forever chemicals” PFOS/PFAS, Lead, Fluoride and Chromium by 95%. These “forever chemicals” being highlighted by the UK’s Environment Agency as having widespread contamination in the UK environment.

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10 thoughts on “ZeroWater UK Review: My Experience Using this Water Filter”
  1. Thank you for this excellent review article over the ZeroWater UK water filter, it was definitely helpful in my own decision making and I am certain that others looking for help with an appropriate water filter will find it useful as well.

    Having the highest capacity water filter dispenser on the market is a definite plus.

    It’s nice to see you report the taste of the water coming from this filter as a pleasant experience.

    The company has a wide range of filters that will all be beneficial in providing clean, good tasting drinking water to consumers for months at a time without needing changed.

  2. The ZeroWater filtration system is also available in the U.S.  I have not read up on it because we use both a Brita system and also distill water.  I did not know about the variety of ways the ZeroWater system can be accessed until reading your article.  I am assuming that all of these you have mentioned are also available in the U.S.  We do quite a bit of camping.  I am interested in how this kind of system performs with natural water.  Thanks for highlighting this system.

  3. Hi it looks like you have a good line up of products. I am a big supporter of chemical free water and am always looking for water purifying ideas. I have heard that Zero Water outperforms all other products in the market. I didn’t notice if you had a shower head water filter. I’ve been on the lookout for one if you come across one. Thank you for your review and experience.



    1. Hi!

      thank you for the message Is there a water filter for the shower head? If you want to bother you, please contact me. You can contact me at this link.


  4. In my opinion, personal reviews such as this one are incredibly valuable when it comes to making purchasing decisions. It is always helpful to hear from someone who has used a product and can offer insights into its effectiveness and ease of use.You provide a thorough and honest assessment of the ZeroWater UK water filter, detailing both its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the inclusion of photos and an overview of how the filter works is especially helpful for those who may be new to the world of water filters. I really found this post to be a useful resource for someone like me who is considering purchasing a water filter.

  5. I have heard of zero water Uk but did not take it seriously. But with your detailed explanation of how it can help me reduce the cost of bottled water and also keep my environment clean, I think I need to consider it. We take no less than five bottles of water daily. That means I can reduce my cost drastically and reduce waste same time.

    1. Thank you for the message Yes, it can actually reduce costs. And if we pay attention to clean water It will be very good.

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